Kingsley Malo


Amanda is an elementary school teacher and social activist from Chelmsford. Being born and bred “up north”, she feels a kinship with Northern Ontario and wants to see its communities thrive. She has completed a fellowship in community organisation with the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) and was the Community Team Organizer for MP Marc Serré’s federal campaign in 2015. She has also volunteered with various organisations around the Sudbury area, including with Sudbury Project Hope. With the experience that she has accrued, she hopes to use PoliticsNOW as a platform to increase the number of women politicians, campaigners and community organisers in Northern Ontario.

Cheri McLeod


A recent transplant to the Near North region from London ON, Cheri has lived many different lives and worn many different hats. She's the former president of the SoHo Community Association and was also an intricate part of the SoHo Market, Free Hugs Day, and as an Awesome London trustee. Now she's in the North and inspired to empower women in northern Ontario to run for municipal politics. With a particular focus on the development of our mentorship program, Cheri is dedicated to pairing women that are interested in municipal politics with experienced politicians who want to help and support them.