Our Campaigns



Standing for Engage Northern Ontario Women, our very first campaign is dedicated to finding people who support women in politics. 

We're committed to ensuring that we tackle the uniqueness of northern Ontario so that the women that want to run for a political position in their community feel supported. We know that if we come together and combine our talents and passion, we'll be able to elect more women to our city councils than ever before.

How can you help? Talk to everyone you know and see if they would be interested in helping us with an event. Maybe you know a very inspiring woman who would make a great candidate - give her our information so that we can set her up for success. Maybe you've been thinking about volunteering for the cause - join us and start helping us setup the tools to ensure that women will be successful. Politics not your thing? Pass us along to someone who might want to join; write letters to your city council asking what they're willing to do to help women run; come to a city council meeting with us. We want to encourage more civically minded men and women, and you're just the person for the job. Join us!




We're giving the microphone to the inspiring women in our community.

PoliticsNOW hosts a speaker series that will feature women who are community leaders and change-makers. 

Our communities have so many inspiring women within them. This is a unique opportunity for us to come together and listen to them tell their stories and be inspired by their courage, their successes and their tenacity.

We hope to make this a bi-monthly event, with each event featuring a new guest speaker with a new story. The event is free. All are welcome. Drinks and food will be available for purchase from Kuppajo Espresso Bar during the event.

If you're interested in telling your story, apply to be our next InspireNOW speaker.

field trip! (1).png

Field Trips to City Councils

Our first city council meeting was such a success that we're making these bi-monthly events.

Every two months, we will pick a city council meeting and commit to attending together. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get together and talk about politics, things going on in the city and make vital connections as we move forward. It also gives participants the opportunity to attend live council meetings so that they can see the dynamics of council. At the very least, it feels great to be committed to be civically engaged.

Want to bring these to your hometown? Contact us and we'll help make it happen. We'll help set up the event, give you graphics and get your advertising going - all you have to do is show up!