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Our inaugural bootcamp

Huge thank you to everyone that made this possible! We can't wait to bring this to North Bay!

The program is aimed at supporting women who are interested in running for municipal office. PoliticsNOW encourages all women, including, Indigenous women, women of colour and members of the LGBTQ2S community, to join us. Through workshops and training opportunities, our program is designed to support those who are interested in a career in politics, as well as those who plan on supporting a campaign for a woman who is interested in running for municipal office all throughout northern Ontario. This program is offered to women in Northern Ontario, and will concentrate primarily on answering the needs of women living in our region.

Campaign Bootcamp
We're bringing our bootcamp to North Bay! We will be spending the day with experts in their fields that will be showing women who are interested in pursuing a career in politics in whatever capacity how things get done, with an emphasis on how to run a successful campaign in anticipation for the upcoming municipal elections in October 2018. Past topics that we have covered have included: How To Build Your Campaign Team, How To Fundraise, How To Build a Campaign Plan and Building a Communication Plan. Want in? Fill out the form below and we'll keep in touch with you as our plan develops.

Who Should Attend?
Anybody who is interested in supporting women in politics. Do you think you might want to run for office? Do you know an exceptional woman who is running and you want to volunteer for her team? Are you looking for an opportunity to find a woman to campaign for? We want you to join us!

Are you interested in attending our campaign bootcamp? Do you want to learn how to run a successful political campaign? Are you interested in learning a little bit more about how to fundraise, how to deal with the media, and how to deal with data? Fill out the form below to indicate your interest, and we'll keep in touch. 

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