Winona Hutchinson

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Why did you decide to run for council?

As a representative I believe it is less about my individual wants and more about the needs of the Ward and our City. The Sault does need to move forward however, we also need to make sure it is done with fiscal accountability and transparency after all it is our tax money and every resident of Sault Ste Marie should feel confident that their city council is acting in the best interest of everyone.

1. Addictions

Because of my social services background I am deeply concerned as to the extent of our addiction crisis here in the Sault and I can no longer take a back seat. I need to be more vocal on behalf of the residents in Ward 3 and Sault Ste Marie on being proactive to bring in resources by ensuring our city effectively lobbies our Provincial Government to help not only those suffering from addiction but also their families and communities.
This is not an isolated problem that is only found in one part of our city but a problem that spans across all boundaries.
It is also because of my background that I know I can be an effective resource in investigating and reaching out for those resources. I would be happy to roll up my sleeves and partner with our local agencies in finding those solutions for our city.

2. Business to the Sault

As a mother of four beautiful children and their families, I believe it will be through partnership with the Business Development Corporation and the city to present an attractive Sault Ste Marie for businesses to come here.
We need to bring business here so our youth can see a future for them and their families here. We cannot and should not rely on Essar Steel or the Tube Mill. More and more they are leaving to find work elsewhere and that needs to change. Further, after attending Premier Ford's campaign here in town, I will be happy to keep the lines of communication open with Ross Romano and ensuring the promises made to Sault Ste Marie will be kept.

3. Transparency and Accountability

Although every member has said this as a platform I have yet to see it come to fruition to my comfort.
As a Council member I believe that is imperative that we are not only listening to the residents in our Ward but to also ensure that we in return pass on information to them to keep them informed.

What innovative projects would enhance life in your community?

After speaking with a number of concerned residents and compiling the issues the most reoccurring are:

Business to the Sault
- start actively approaching various industries through workshops and venues to promote our city.
- look at the possibility of reducing business tax to encourage local business growth
- look at reduction of property tax and/or the services provided to the residents of Sault Ste Marie

Health and Wellness
- lobbying provincial government for resources not just money but tangibles such as an effective treatment centre for addictions.
- look at the engagement of our youth in our community through training and positive interactions with our local businesses and core services personnel such as Police, EMS, and Firefighters
- look at the every increasing rat problem in the Sault and how we as a community can combat the issue

- taking to heart and action the ideas suggested through the secret shopper visit by Roger Brooks (
- partner with foreign tourist agencies to help promote Sault Ste Marie for visitors.

If you received a $1 million grant to use for your city any way you wanted, what would you do with it?

I would love to give it to the many charities here that are doing amazing works for our community, such as Pauline's Place, the soup kitchen, Resource centers etc. But alas, since I would be representative of the community and I would ask the community for their input.

Our residents have excellent ideas on how to make their community better and I insist that their ideas are considered as well.

What do you think are the greatest challenges your city faces?

Our city is not only beautiful but a great place to live. I personally need to see changes happen with respect to our drug crisis. Our crime rate seems to be increasing as the number of individuals coming under the influence of drugs increases. It is causing unnecessary hardship in our hospitals and core services such as EMS and Police Services as well as the safety of our community. We need to ensure that during the time we are fighting for the necessary resources from our provincial government that we ensure adequate funding and personnel are in place to help and protect our community through our core services.

Other than the official ways of communicating (minutes, municipal notes), how else will you reach out to your constituents to involve them in the decision making process?

I am firmly entrenched with the idea that communication is a two way street. As a representative we must go above and beyond in reaching and listening to our constituents. City council must make decisions based not he needs and desires of their residents as a whole but must also ensure that each decision is communicated as part of the Transparency and Accountability requirement outlined in the Municipal Councillor's Guide.

What is your favourite thing to do in your city?

I love attending various events, as well as enjoying our beautiful landscape.

What do you cherish most about your community?

I love that each one of us has a giving heart. No matter the cause or who the individual is we gather as a community and give support anyway we can that is not only monetary but giving in and of our time as well.

Where can people find you? or 705 542 4047

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