Tanya Vrebosch

Tanya Vrebosch is a 37 years old mother of two beautiful children: Danielle (Dani) who is 7 months and Sydney, who is almost 6 years old. She raises them with her better half, Dan Nogueira. Her parents are Bill and Gisele Vrebosch. Her father is the current Mayor of East Ferris and retired music teacher and her mother is retired from working at Gravelle's Meat Market. She was born in Corbeil and has lived in North Bay since she was 18. She has always had strong roots in the city, graduating from St. Joseph Scollard Hall and then Canadore College after that. Her experience ranges from tourism to economic development to social services. Her most recent experience involves working for 9.5 years at LIPI, the local poverty office and currently as a Case Manager for Ontario Works. She is an active volunteer with the North Bay Santa Fund and LIPI and have been a Royal Canadian Legion member for over 15 years. Tanya is running for re-election to council in North Bay.

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