Lisa Vezeau-Allen


Why did you decide to run for council?

I am running for my family, for your family, for those that don’t have a voice. I am running because I care about the wellbeing of our city and want to use my many years experience with committee work, forging new initiatives, and creating new partnerships that will benefit shaping the future of our city and its residents.

What innovative projects would enhance life in your community?

I work remotely, and have done so since 2014, our ability and how we work is changing.  Innovation in promoting sectors that can work from anywhere (while enjoying the low cost of living of a northern community) is an initiative that would build our community and definitely affect the quality of life.

If you received a $1 million grant to use for your city any way you wanted, what would you do with it?

With a $1.0 Million influx of revenue, I would invest it in a fund to grow and use it for projects (via a granting application process) that support affordable housing for families and senior housing.

What do you think are the greatest challenges your city faces?

Like many northern communities we face youth outmigration (a topic that I have researched heavily) and employment opportunities.  These cannot be tackled alone - it takes multiple collaborations with government, educational institutions and the private sector to grow our job sector and retain our talent base.

Other than the official ways of communicating (minutes, municipal notes), how else will you reach out to your constituents to involve them in the decision making process?

I believe in being open and accessible, this can be done very easily with how we communicate:  via email, social media and also having community consultations and inviting our neighbours and constituents to have a voice.

What is your favourite thing to do in your city?

Our city offers so much in terms of nature and also culture.  My home backs onto our city-wide Hub Trail system and my family takes advantage of biking, hiking or just strolling.  While I lived for 3 years in Colorado and loved the beauty of the mountains, our lakes and beaches and access to water is something that I love to do, and missed.  I started my community involvement on the amateur stage and attend as many theatre productions that I can and stay connected to my "theatre family.  "

What do you cherish most about your community?

Our city is one of the most friendly places that I have lived.  People trust one another and say good morning or hold the door open for you, and we help one another.  I cherish the caring community that we are.

Where can people find you? or @LisaVAWard2

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