Deborah Swyer-Burke

Candidate_ Deborah Swyer-Burke.png

Why did you decide to run for council?

I feel like I have spent a lot of years helping others on an individual basis with my business, I see some things and heard people saying things they would like to have done in my Ward and I am at the right stage in my life to do that and try and be a fresh voice. I am truly ready to take on the challenge and I believe that my positive outlook, determination and persistence is what council needs. I run my business with a very good work ethic and common sense approach. I believe in transparency and working together.

What do you think are the greatest challenges your city faces?

Currently, the city is having a challenge with the KED facility, with the biggest discussion regarding the decision is on location and budget. We also face an infrastructure and roads challenge. This issue is always ongoing as in most cities, but we have to work on this together. I am currently learning a lot about the opioid epidemic. It is here and we have to discard the stigma and work with compassion on this issue. If we can tap into some resources already here and get boots on the ground, we can work on this issue together on this. I believe that Sudbury has become stagnate in our population growth and I would like to see us open for business.

What is your favourite thing to do in your city?

The landscape and mass area of land are beautiful here - there is a lake or waterway within minutes from every part of the city and I love to explore it in all seasons and take advantage of nature, whether it be with family or friends. There is always something to do, and at the end of it, a bonfire is always nice.

What do you cherish most about your community?

The people 100%!! I am an avid traveller and I have to say the people in the City of Greater Sudbury are kind, supportive of others and just overall friendly! This is a great place to live and I would like the kids to stay here, and new people to move here.

Where can people find you?


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