Johanne Brousseau

After her post secondary education, Johanne Brousseau was fortunate to find employment in her hometown and worked at Lee Jeans as a pattern maker. In 1986, the plant closed and she instead decided to open Creation Unique, creating employment for herself and others. After 22 years as an owner, Johanne sold her business and became a national freelance sewing educator. In the last 50 years, Johanne has been an active volunteer for various clubs and boards. From helping in the pool during swimming lessons to serving on local and regional boards, she has served on a variety of boards and committees in a variety of capacities, such as chair, vice-chair, treasurer, director, president, vice-president, secretary and instructor. She’s had the honor of being the recipient of several awards: Rising Star, Recognition, President’s List, Service and Certificate of Thanks. Johanne is running for Councillor in North Bay.

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