An Open Letter to the Mayor and City Councillors

We kicked off our letter writing campaign to drum up support for the organization by writing a letter to Mayor Brian Bigger, as well as every member of the Greater Sudbury city council.

Dear Mayor Bigger,
I'm an elementary school teacher and social activist from Chelmsford. Being born and bred “up north”, I feel a kinship with Northern Ontario and want to see its communities thrive. Combining my love for education and political activism, I have created a new political initiative to support women in politics. PoliticsNOW is a non-partisan grassroots group that is committed to engaging and increasing the participation of women in politics all over Northern Ontario.

Together, we want to:
– amplify women’s voices and engage in gender-inclusive political discourse;
– work together to support women candidates.
- support women in politics, including your female colleagues.

Our organization aims to facilitate connections and support all those who would like to work towards gender equality in politics in our region. How can you help? By forwarding our information to fellow female politicians and grass root leaders; by volunteering to speak at one of our events; or even by asking a woman leader you know to run. You could also discuss our initiative with your councillors so that we can all work together to put forward proposals to achieve equal representation on the Greater Sudbury's city council.

Thank you very much for your attention to this letter. I look forward to working alongside you.
Amanda Kingsley Malo